Friday, August 24, 2007

Internet Traffic Secret # 2 - Selling on Ebay

Internet Traffic #2 - Selling on Ebay

I bet everyone knows what Ebay is all about.

Ebay is a auction site for a buy-sell network to establish business.

The reason why you want to list your ebook, service or membership site via
ebay is because anyone who goes to ebay have the intention to buy.

Ebay is a ultimate buy-sell network and to build your name and awareness
of your product. People who goes to google, yahoo don't necessary search
items to buy and that is one ultimate reason why we should list our
product via ebay.

I also recently found a good software known as auction player that can list
videos on email for bidders. It is real cool and besides it is free for
step-by-step listing watch video below:

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